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What is e Aadhar Password To Open PDF Aadhar Card?

Did you know that password for opening pdf e-Aadhar card downloaded from UIDAI website has changed? If not, you might have to face problem in opening e aadhar because of wrong password not working for you. The new password for e Aadhar is as follows –

What is the password for e Aadhar pdf file?

Instruction to generate Aadhar card password online

The password for e Aadhar is 8 digit code which is based on your first name and your year of birth. To open e Aadhar PDF file, use this password –

  • First 4 letters of your name in Capital as first 4 characters of password.
  • Your year of birth as last 4 digit of password.

Upon combining these two, you will get your 8-digit Aadhar card password.

Is Aadhar card password same as TOTP?

No, Aadhar card password is different than TOTP. TOTP is used to login and verify Aadhar card authentication whereas Aadhar card password is used to open e Aadhar pdf file only.

What was old Aadhar card password?

The old password for Aadhar card was the PIN code of your address in Aadhar. However, because of the new software update, the password for new e Aadhar has changed.

You will now have to use the new 8-character password for e Aadhar opening.

Aadhar Card Password not working?

If your Aadhar card password is not working, you can use following method to get password for Aadhar –

  • Check if you are using old password format.
  • Generate new password to open.
  • Download e Aadhar again and check if password is working.
  • Go to local Aadhar card kendra and complaint about password not working.
  • Use Aadhar card pdf password remover method below.

Open Aadhar Card pdf file without password

If you cannot open the Aadhar card pdf file, or the password is not working, here is a method you can use to open Aadhar card pdf file without password.

How to open Aadhar card pdf file without password using Aadhar card password remvover?

  1. Go to this link – .
  2. Click on ‘Choose file’.
  3. Select the Aadhar card pdf file to unlock and upload.
  4. Once the pdf file is uploaded, it will ask you to accept that you have right to unlock this pdf file.
    Select the “I pinky swear that I have the right to edit this file and remove its protection.” option.


  5. Check the box to verify and download unlocked Aadhar card pdf.

So this is how you can unlock Aadhar card without password.

For more questions related to eAadhar and UIDAI, check our website – Aadhar UIDAI.


UIDAI manages the website and is no way affiliated to Unique Identification Authority of India.

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