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Can We Add Mobile Number in Aadhar Card?

Unfortunately, you can have only one mobile number registered to Aadhar card at one time. It is not possible to add new number to Aadhar card without removing the first linked number.

You can link multiple numbers with one Aadhar card, but you cannot add mobile number as primary registered number.

The self service update portal too allows you only to change mobile number in Aadhar card online.

Check this – Change mobile in Aadhar.

To add mobile number, you will first be required to remove the primary number from Aadhar.

Removing Registered Mobile Number in Aadhar

To remove registered mobile number and add new number to Aadhar, do the following –

  1. Go to Aadhar center and submit application with new mobile number.
  2. Verify using fingerprint and ask for mobile number removal.
  3. Mention new number in the form and submit.
  4. Check by dialing *99*99# from new number and entering your Aadhar number.

Please note that you can add new number to Aadhar only through Aadhar card kendra. UIDAI doesn’t not support addition of new number to Aadhar.


UIDAI manages the website and is no way affiliated to Unique Identification Authority of India.

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