Udyog Aadhar (MSME)

Udyog Aadhar is the Unique Identification Number provided to small and medium business enterprises in India, by MSME. MSME manages the registration of Udyog Aadhar, generation of Udyog Aadhar number and issuance of Udyog Aadhar Card.

For more details related to Udyog Aadhar, check the official Udyog Aadhar portal here – https://udyogaadhaar.gov.in/UA/FAQ.aspx

MSME Udyog Aadhar Registration

The Udyog Aadhar registration can be done through the official website here – https://udyogaadhaar.gov.in/UA/UAM_Registration.aspx .In the middle left section of the home page, there is a registration form for Udyog Aadhar registration.

Check the registration form below –

There are two methods to register for MSME Udyog Aadhar. The first process involves registration through your personal Aadhar number, and the second process does not require an Aadhar number for Udyog Aadhar registration.

Method 1 – Online MSME Registeration for Udyog Aadhar with Aadhar Card

For Udyog Aadhar registration using Aadhar number, fill the form on the homepage.

How to fill Udyog Aadhar registration form?

  • In the first box of the form, enter your UIDAI number.
  • In the second box of the registration form, enter the name of the business owner.
  • Click on the Validate and Generate OTP button.
  • Enter OTP in the box that appears and verify to start the online registration process.

Method 2 – Offline MSME for Udyog Aadhar without Aadhar Card

If you do not have a UIDAI number or Aadhar number, you can register for MSME Udyog Aadhar. But you need to fill the Aadhar enrollment form first. Go to eaadhar registration page and fill the online Aadhar enrollment form.

If you cannot register for UID number online, follow these steps – 

  1. Visit the Aadhar card enrollment center near you.
  2. Enroll for Aadhar number and get acknowledgement receipt.
  3. Concerned DIC or MSME-DI shall then apply for Udyog Aadhar Number.
  4. Provide following documents for registration of Udyog Aadhar –
    • Acknowledgement of Aadhar Enrollment.
    • One of the following documents – ( Bank photo passbook , Voter ID Card , Passport , Driving license , PAN card , UAN Passbook with photo )

Instructions for Registration of Udyog Aadhar

Read the complete list of instructions for Udyog Aadhar registration below –

MSME Registration form

Download registration form for Udyog Aadhar here –

1. Application Form(English)
2. Application Form(Hindi)