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What is TOTP in Aadhar?

TOTP in Aadhar stands for Time Based One Time Password. It gets changed automatically at a regular interval of 30 seconds. TOTP is an alternate to using OTP for Aadhar verification.

TOTP is considered to be secure and is very different from HOTP or OTP. In Aadhar, TOTP can be found in the mAadhar App only. Here is detailed guide about TOTP in Aadhar.

What is the TOTP?

TOTP is a type of One time password which is generated automatically in the mAadhar app. One TOTP is valid for 30 seconds only. It then changes automatically and a new TOTP is generated.

Every Aadhar card form now supports TOTP instead of OTP. If because of some network issue, your registered mobile number is not receiving SMS for OTP, you can use TOTP and verify your mobile number for Aadhar authentication.

Please note that TOTP is not the password to open Aadhar PDF file.

What is the password for Aadhar?

The old password for Aadhar downloaded online in PDF format was the PIN Code of your area. For example, if you are a resident of Muzaffarpur, Bihar, then your eAadhar password would be 842001.

But with the new version, the password for Aadhar has changed.

The new password is 8 letter combination of first 4 letters or name and year of birth.

So for someone named “Sunil Kumar” born in year 1995, the password for Aadhaar is SUNI1995.

Please note that the password for Aadhar is in capital letters only.

How to get TOTP for Aadhar?

To get TOTP in Aadhar, you are requried to download the mAadhaar Android App.

Once you dowbnload the mAadhaar app, you need to verify it first using Aadhar number and One Time Password.

After that, you need to select the Aadhar number in your mAadhar app and choose TOTP option.

You will get your TOTP on your mobile screen.


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